Smith's Patent Percussion Cartridge Cavalry Carbine

Smith's Patent Percussion Cartridge Cavalry Carbine

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A very good example of a Smith’s 1857 Patent .50 calibre Break Action breech loading percussion cavalry carbine.

Invented by Dr. Gilbert Smith of Buttermilk Falls, New York, he succeed in having his Carbine trialled at the Washington Arsenal in the spring of 1860, where it impressed signifiantly to result in the army placing an order for several thousand. It was also trialled and passed for use with the Pony Express.

The Smith Carbine was unique in that it broke apart in the middle for loading by depression of a break lever located within the trigger guard and it used rubber cartridges which sealed the gases in the breech. The downside was that these cartridges were difficult to remove. 

This example bears markings to the reciever showiting that it was built by Massachusetts Arms Co Chicopee Falls, and Distributed By Poultney & Trimble of Baltimore, Maryland.

Early four digit serial number shows it is likely a pre Civil War Gun.

Saddle bars and ring fitted.

The metal work has even patina with some original finish. 

Wood work is all original and is generally very good, showing the usual minor knocks bumps and bruises. 

The carbine has a 21 ½” barrel which has a clean bore and crisp rifling. The carbine measures 38 ½” overall.

It is complete with steel butt plate, trigger guard, dolphin hammer, flip up graduated ladder rear sight, fore sight and sling swivels.

The action is very crisp, and hold firm on full and half cock.

Nickel silver panels to either side of the butt and fitting for an extra sight show this gun was one of many thousands of surplus arms sold off post war, some of which famously found their way into the hands of Fenian raiders.

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