11th Hussars Prince Alberts Own Officer’s Mameluke Sword

11th Hussars Prince Alberts Own Officer’s Mameluke Sword

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A fine and scarce 11th (Prince Albert’s Own) Hussars Officers Mameluke Sword, produced by Wilkinson of Pall Mall, and bearing the proof number 39136 to the spine, dating it to 1901.

This untouched special pattern cavalry officers Mameluke pattern is specific to the regiment. Similar in design to the 1831 pattern general officers mameluke, this sword has beautiful quality gilt bronze fittings. The cross guard at the hilt with silver regimental Sphinx insignia to the centre on either side. The grips are of elephant ivory secured with gilt bronze rossettes.

***Please note, Due to the composition of the hilt, this sword cannot be shipped outside of the UK.***

The curved convex, plated blade measuring 32 inches. It carried the Wilkinson Sword name to one ricasso, and thier proof slug to the other, both concealed by the langets. It is finely etched with twin vacant panels to each side, foliage, battle honours, regimental designation, Sphinx badge, and the crowned Royal cypher of Edward VII. Battle honours include  ‘Salamanca’, ‘Peninsula’, ‘Waterloo’ and ‘Bhurtpore’ to one side, and "Alma", "Inkerman", "Balklava" and "Sevastopol" to the other. Culminating in a double-edged spear point.

Housed in its nickel-plated steel scabbard with fine quality gilt bronze mounts which have dulled to an even patina matching the hilt. Twin suspension rings.

Overall condition is very good. There is wear to the nickel finish on scabbard and blade. Most noticably at the point/tip, with an area of loss. The area under the langets is also dirty, and slightly bubbled. All the etching is vibrant and clear. The grips are clean and free from damage. 

This sword is recorded as being sold to a Major Combe 11th Hussars. 

Boyce Combe was born on 13 January 1863, the son of Richard Henry Combe and Esther Fanny Hollway. He joined the 11th Hussars as a Lieutenant in 1884, after firstly transferring from the Rifle Brigade, and the 18th Hussars to get to his preferred regiment.

He married Mabel Katherine Tombs, 17 December 1898 at St. Peter, Eaton Square, Pimlico, London. Mabel was the daughter of Major General Sir Henry Tombs, V.C.

He seems to have retired after the Boer War. However, I have found him serving again with the 12th Reserve Cavalry Regiment in April of 1915.

After the war he once again hangs up his spurs, and became a Justice of the Peace living at Great Hall, Dockenfield, Surrey.

He died on 31 January 1939 aged 76.

I've only really scratched the surface so lots of further research required by the new owner. 

The sword will be supplied with a digital copy of the Wilkinson Ledger page, confirming the original owner.

***Please note, Due to the composition of the hilt, this sword cannot be shipped outside of the UK.***

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