18th Hussars Boer War Officers Sword

18th Hussars Boer War Officers Sword

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A very interesting Boer War period Cavalry Officers Sword, of the 18th Hussars.

This example shows signs of being taken on active service, and it seems very likely that it was carried and used during the Boer War.

The honeysuckle guard, backstrap, pommel and top mount of the scabbard have all been painted with an olive green paint, to stop reflection. This has been very well done, and judging by the rust and chipping/wear to the paintwork, it has been applied for a very long time. (This was a common practice amongst officers, to avoid the attentions of Boer Marksmen equipped with the lethal Mauser Rifle) The wirebound shagreen grip is in very good condition, and the sword is solid, with no wiggles or movement.

The blade measured just shy of 35 inches, and has been heavily service sharpened along the main edge for 25 inches toward the point, and 9.5 inches along the back edge. The point has been converted to a spear tip. 

The retailers marking at the ricasso is for "Jones, Chalk, and Dawson, Sackville Street, London. W" who were military tailors operating from this address from 1896. The proof slug appears to be that of Pillin, with a serial number to the spine. 

The first few inches of the blade on either side is very clean, but beyond this there is dark staining, old corrosion, black rust and in some areas light pitting. The regimental badge of the 18th Hussars is misted in dark staining, but legible, as is the late Victorian intelocking cypher, and crown. There is further foliate etching visible.

There are some bright areas shining through, and I think the appearance of the sword could be radically improved with some TLC, and careful cleaning and polishing. 

The sword is housed in its original brown leather field service scabbard, which is pleasingly good condition, retaining good colour and polish. I suspect the blade was placed inside the scabbard damp at some point, so it may benefit the new owner the dry out the interior for a while, to prevent any further rusting to the blade. 

For details of the 18th Hussars role during the 2nd Boer War, I would reccomend clicking HERE.

A very interesting sword, and rare to find a regimentally attributable sword which shows such clear signs of active campaign service. Whilst the condition may not be for everybody, it has a lot of character, and has room to be improved.

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