1912 Cavalry Officers Sword

1912 Cavalry Officers Sword

Code: 11260


A very pleasing and untouched George V WW1 period example, housed in its field service scabbard and complete with original sword frog.

This interesting example bears the retailers mark of "Ranken Ltd, Calcutta, Lahore and London" which would likely make it an example carried by a cavalry officer of the Indian Army.

The Shagreen grip is entirely complete, and in good condition, although the twistwire is now absent.

The large bowl guard is well decorated, and without any dents or buckles. There are traces of the orignal plating, but the steel is free from pitting, and could be polished bright if desired. The interior is discoloured, and would benefit from a clean. The destinctive, chunky, wreathed pommel also in good condition, with fine chequering, but looks to have been partially paineted copper?

35 inch blade decorated with beautiful clear floral etching, with George V crowned cypher, and vacant escutcheons. Still covered in a layer of old grease. 

The Scabbard is original, an excellent fit, and in great original condition with no signs of repair.

These Great War examples are getting harder to come across, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire an original, untouched example, which once cleaned would grace any collection.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.