A Fascinating Spadroon

A Fascinating Spadroon

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An intriguing Georgian Officers Spadroon

At first glance a fairly standard looking brass hilted officers Spadroon of the 1790's.

The 32.25 inch flattened diamond section blade decorated with scrolling foliage, crowned Royal arms and "FOR MY COUNTRY & KING".  The hilt of gilt brass construction with D-shaped knuckle bow without side bar, twin tooth shaped langets, engraved cushion pommel, ring for a sword knot, and a superbly chequered hard wood (possibly ebony?) grip with gilt band.

The gilt band is engraved with a crowned wreath containing three "Fleur de Lys" surmonted by a latin motto. 

This crest, and motto, are that of the French Royal family. This may indicate that when the surviving Bourbons arrived in England in 1791, that they adopted British "pattern" swords. Because at this time most cutlers imported thier blades, they would all have been pre etched with "British" GR blades, but the hilts would have been custom engraved and personalised with the French Royal Arms. Indeed, even the swords quillion has been engraved to either side with a Fleur de Lys.

An alternative idea might be that a British ADC or Liason officer wished to show due respect to the French by having thier crest on the visible hilt, but the British cypher and coat of arms on the blade.

I cannot fathom another reason why a "British" Spadroon would be engraved with French Royal arms, yet have the hybrid of a GR engraved blade.

If either of my supposition's is correct, then this could be a unique and very rare sword. 

The sword is in good, untouched condition. A good amount of gilt remaining to the hilt, a stable crack to the grip, no movement between blade and hilt. Even dark grey patina to the blade, all the engraving visible, some edge nicks to the blade, and ligh pitting towards the point, which is now slightly rounded.

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