A Wilkinson By Any Other Name

A Wilkinson By Any Other Name

Code: 10126


An 1822/45 pattern infantry officers sword, produced by Wilkinson of Cockspur Street Charring Cross in 1849. We can be precise in the dating due to the fact that the famous Henry Wilkinson of Pall Mall took umbrage with Mr Wilkinson of Cockspur Street sharing his name and placing it on swords, and after some legal wrangling Mr Wilkinson of Cockspur street was no more!

This interesting rarity also exhibits some other interesting features. These include an ivory insert in to the left hand side of the pommel cap, which I am reliably informed, was to assist new officers in the correct positioning of the sword whilst performing the general salute.

Another interesting feature is rather than the standard brass mounted leather scabbard which one would expect for this period, this scabbard is brass mounted steel. Obviously a special order for an officer who wanted something more sturdy for active service.

Another indicator that this may be the sword of a professional soldier with some fighting experience lays in the sharpening of the 32 inch blade, which shows defined sharpening for the last 13 inches of the cutting edge towards the point. Perhaps this officer favoured the cut?

The sword is in generally good condition, the shargreen and twistwire grip is complete and free from loss. The folding guard is complete and functioning, although it doesn't hold completely solid. The guard is in good shape and free from buckling and dents. The blade is clean and free from pitting, with clearly visible floral etching with VR crowned cypher to either side. The makers name is visible but slightly worn.

The scabbard fits the sword tightly, and has a pinch around two thirds of the way down towards the drag. It carries the majority of its black paint but does have rust and corrosion.

The whole sword is completely as found and would benefit from some gentle cleaning and general TLC.

Strictly over 18's only