An Attractive Late Georgian Dirk or Short Sword

An Attractive Late Georgian Dirk or Short Sword

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A good example of a late Georgian period dirk or short sword.

This example purchased recently with a family collection of Royal Naval edged weapons, spanning the 1790/1880 period, so it may well have seen service aboard a ship.

The hilt with attractive lionshead pommel, shagreen grip bound with copper twistwire, with some areas of loss. No movement between blade and hilt. The crossguard with acorn finials, and prominent crown to the centre, leading down to langets. 

The curved 25 inch blade of unusual flat solid form, which is  plain, with no decoration or visible makers or retailers markings. it retains a keen edge.

Some old staining and surface wear at the ricasso.

The scabbard now absent.

A very attractive and untouched piece of a form I haven't personally encountered before, which would respond well to a light clean and polish.

Note, I have been made aware of other similar swords held by the Royal Armouries, which share characterstics, in particuar the form of cross guard.You can follow a link to these HERE.

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