Boer War Special Pattern City Of London Yeomanry Troopers Sword

Boer War Special Pattern City Of London Yeomanry Troopers Sword

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A good and completely untouched example of the scarce special pattern City of London Yeomanry troopers sword. 

Produced in limited numbers for the City of London Yeomanry who were going off to fight in South Africa in 1900. This pattern was produced exclusively by Hamburger, Rogers & Co.

The unique design features a plain, single fullered blade of 34.5 inches, which is married to a solid form of the 1895 infantry officer's sword. This example is in good overall condition. The blade has been service sharpened and retains its edge. The blade is firm in the hilt with no movement. The makers marking is within a panel "Hamburger, Rogers & Co, London".

The ribbed grip appears to be an early form of bakelite or plastic and is unique in this pattern of sword, and is paired with a chequered backstrap and plain, domed pommel. The guard is in good condition, free from dents or other damage. It appears to retain a coating of its original brown camouflage paint, which is unique in my experience.

There are regimental markings deeply struck at the rear of  the guard "2. C.L.Y. 298."

The scabbard is of the correct pattern particular to this sword, with fixed twin hanging rings. It is marked at the throat "2.C.L.Y. 262" The scabbard has a slight buckle and split towards the drag, but this does not effect the sheathing of the sword.

Both sword and scabbard are as found, and hilt and scabbard do have some even, stable rust and patina for their entire length. As mentioned above, the hilt retains its original brown/khaki paint applied for service in South Africa, making this a scarce survival. The blade is generally bright, and completely straight, with a slight deformation/rounding at the point. 

 A very scarce sword to find complete with a scabbard, and unique in my experience in retaining a good amount of its original field applied paint. One for the serious Imperial Yeomanry collector. 

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