Boer War/WW1 RAMC Sergeants Sword

Boer War/WW1 RAMC Sergeants Sword

Code: 11442


A good example of a Boer War period RAMC Sergeants Sword, rehilted and carried during WW1.

This example bears faint markings at the ricasso showing it was produced at Enfield (EFD) along with a bend test marking. To the spine are further inspection marks, along with a date of '99 for 1899.

Being an issue sword, this example was likely rehilted for Edward VII, and again for George V, which is the hilt which has remained on it when it was sold out of service. 

The hilt is of gilt brass 1854 pattern, as carried by the Royal Army Medical Corps until the mid 1930's. It is in good used condition, as is the wire bound shagreen grip, with only one small area of loss.

The plain, 32.5 inch 1892 pattern blade is bright, and the markings show it was cleaned/polished/refurbished during its working lifetime. It also shows signs of service sharpening, which may indicate that it saw active service, likely during the Boer War.

Housed in a plated dress scabbard, which may indicate its relegation to parade use once the age of carrying swords on active service was over. Interestingly the scabbard bears unit markings for the Army Ordnance Corps. Twing handings rings, some loss to the plating.

Overall condition is good, the sword is untouched, some old rust and staining, and would benefit from some TLC to bring it back to collectors standard.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.