Crimean War Period Rifle Brigade Officers Sword

Crimean War Period Rifle Brigade Officers Sword

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The sword of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Roworth Parr, Rifle Brigade and Somerset Light Infantry.

Thomas was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1837, the first born son of Thomas Clements Parr, a Barrister, and Julia Elizabeth Elton. He studied at Eton, and Oriel College, Oxford.

This sword was completed in October 1855, which would coincide with Parr joining the Rifle Brigade as an Ensign. He was promoted to Lieutenant without purchase on the 28th of Novemeber 1858. I've not been able to find a great deal of information about his service career, so will leave this to the new owner.

I do know he married on the 19th of July 1864, to Mary Bridget, daughter of Sir Alexander Mackenzie Downie. Sadly she died in Febuary 1873. They had one son, Clement, born on the 7th of My 1865.

He seems to have left the Rifle Brigade around this time, and eventually rose to command the 3rd Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry.

Thomas Parr was a keen cricketer, playing for West Gloucestershire, the Winchester Garrison, the Rifle Brigade, and the Gentlemen of Dublin.

He died on the 18th of April 1906 in London.

This 1827 Pattern Rifle Officers sword is in very good untouched condition. The gothic steel hilt is in good shape, some minor dings but no serious damage. It has overall even patina. The crowned light infantry bugle cartouche is particularly well defined. Stepped pommel and plain backstrap with chequered thumb rest. The shagreen grip is bound with silver coloured twistwire and is largely complete, with minor areas of loss.

The slightly curved 32.5 inch single fullered blade of 1845 pattern. This is also in good condition, being generally clean and bright. The makers details, above the ricasso read “Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London” and the proof slug bears his initials, “H.W.”.

The blade carries a family crest, with the stylised initials of “T.R.P.”  The blade is further etched with the crowned VR cypher, a Light Infantry Bugle, and floral engraving to both sides. Proof number and centre of percussion marking to the blades spine.

The blade has been service sharpened, and the point is now slightly rounded.

The scabbard is an interesting early variation of the Sam Browne scabbard, likely made in India.

The service sharpening and scabbard would point to this sword having been carried in India. If Parr did infact take part in these operations it should be possible to establish this with detailed research. It is also possible that his son Clement, carried this sword during his own career with the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. It would be the correct pattern of sword, and he served on the North West Frontier in 1897/98. He took part in the Tirah and Mohmand expeditionary forces, and is described and being dangerously wounded during the Dargai Expedition.

Sold with a digital copy of the Wilkinson Sword Proof Book ledger for this sword, confirming Parr as the original purchaser.

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