First Manchester Rifles Officers Sword

First Manchester Rifles Officers Sword

Code: 10150


A very interesting sword, exhibiting a number of unusual features.

The whole sword has been plated, whether during service, or due to a regimental pattern I am unsure, but the "silver" appearance is very attractive. The steel scabbard has been wrapped in leather, in the manner of those associated with overseas service to India. Some of this leather is now coming away, with some loss to the central section, and would benefit from a feed and polish.

All the blade etching is bright and very clear (unlike some later plated swords) which is another indicator that it may have been produced this way originally.

The blade carried the crest and motto of the Manchester Regiment "From Acorns Strong Oaks" to the right hand side. One the left is "First Manchester Rifles" "6th Lancs" and some officers initials, which will aid in tracing the original owner. 

I see them as either W.T.B.C or W.T.W.B.C (The last letter could easily be a C,O or even a G though) A look through appropriate lists would soon narrow the suspect down.

Blade by Firmin and Sons, Strand. 

32.5 inch blade.

All wire and shagreen intact. The folding guard functions as it should. Some small areas of loss to the plating on the blade, mainly towards the tip, and to one side of the blade about half way down. Otherwise stable. All in all a very attractive sword.

Despite the 1822 pattern hilt, its seems that this sword must date from just after the Cardwell Reforms of 1881, as the Manchester Regt didn’t exist prior to that and there would have been no need to refer to predecessor units (the 6th) on the blade. This refers to the 6th Battalion of the Lancashire Rifle Volunteers.

A very interesting and attractive sword, from the dawn of the Manchester regiment.

Strictly over 18's only.