Indian Cavalry 1912 Pattern Officers Sword

Indian Cavalry 1912 Pattern Officers Sword

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An interesting Indian Cavalry 1912 Pattern Officers Sword.

Genuine examples of this Indian pattern are scarce, many having become confused with the horrible reproductions produced in the 80's and 90's. 

This recently found example likely dates to the Great War, and were used to great effect against the Turks in Mesopotamia. It bears no makers or retailers marking, but judging by the style of etching to the bowl guard, it is likely produced by the Indian cutlery trade, who augmented sword production during WW1.  

The wooden pistol style grip is complete and in good condition. It is carved with chequering and a grooved thumb piece to aid grip.

The large bowl guard is decorated in a similar Art Nouveau fashion to its British counterpart, and is plated, with areas of loss. The interior is discoloured, and would benefit from a clean. The distinctive pommel is plain and smooth, fixed with a slotted nut. No movement between the hilt and blade.

The 35 inch single fullered blade is plain, and has been heavily service sharpened. Some light rust, light pitting, dark staining and old dirt/grease.

Housed in its steel scabbard with twin fixed rings. The main bodynhas been professionally covered in black leather. There are signs that it has a drag similar to a field service scabbard, but this is now absent. The leather is in generally good condition with some scuffs and gouges but solid.  It would benefit from a clean and feed.

These Great War Indian swords are getting harder to come across, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire an original, untouched example, which once cleaned would grace any collection.

(The last image shows this India pattern in comparison with a British 1912 pattern, which you'll see is noticably bigger.)

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