Indian Native Cavalry Troopers Sword

Indian Native Cavalry Troopers Sword

Code: 10164


An interesting variation of the British 1853 pattern, which may have been exported for service in India, as it carries none of the usually inspection markings, except for on the on grip flat. "Crown BR over 4"

Marked just above the quillion "8|98" which could be a date or unit marking.

The 33.24 inch blade has been sharpened to a spear point, and back sharpened for six inches. It is later stamped on "DP" at the ricasso.

Untouched condition, light surface rust, and would benefit from a light clean.

No scabbard.

A very interesting sword, worthy of further research. Jacobs Horse were known to have carried a similar three bar hilted sword.

Strictly over 18's only.