Japanese Military Katana

Japanese Military Katana

Code: 10620


A good example of a Japanese Shin Gunto Katana, in military mounts, with field service leather covered saya.

Blade signed Fukuda Sukemitsu, with Seki stamp above. He is listed as being born on the 10th of October 1909. He became a Seki Tosho or Gunto swordsmith at the town of Seki, on 12th Sept 1941.

The Seki stamp indicates that this sword was produced at the Seki Swordsmith Association and had passed quality inspection for sale to the military.

This stamp means that the sword is not traditionally made, althought that is not to say it could not perform on a par with traditionally made blades.

Blade length 26 inches. 36.5 inches overall.

Generally very good collectors condition, the blade with light marks over the orignal areas of bright polish. Tsuka with sarute, and menuki under the traditional binding. Correct military pattern tsuba. Cat scratch habaki. Mekugi peg absent.

Strictly over 18's only.