Lynn Rifle Volunteers Officers Short Sword

Lynn Rifle Volunteers Officers Short Sword

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A rather unique Officers Short Sword to the Lynn Rifle Volunteers.

This unusual three bar hilted sword is of a pattern known to have been popular with Artillery officers during the Crimean war. The only working theory I can come up with is that the Lynn Rifle Volunteers had a battery of artillery, and that this sword is a special comission for the officer(s) commanding that battery.

I would be very interested in hearing any other constructive thoughts.

The sword has the three bar hilt and stepped pommel of the 1821 pattern artillery officers sword, a shagreen covered grip bound with twistwire. There is some black paint on some of the shagreen, and the inner guard, which will need to be carefully removed. The inner guard, which would normally been a loop on the full sized sword, has been carfeully removed and filed, likely at the time of production. This would have made the sword more comfortable for carry in a belt frog.

The single fullered blade, measuring ??? has been made to that length, rather than cut down from a larger blade, as evidenced by the placement of the fuller. At the ricasso is the makers/retailers marking of "R.Jones&Son, Lynn". Interestingly the blade bears no proof slug, rather an etched shield which is vacant.

The blade is mirror etched with geometric designs, floral decoration, and strung bugles surmounted with the words "Lynn Rifles".

The sword is housed in a steel scabbard with shield shaped frog stud. The scabbard and hilt have some light rust, staining, and old corrosion, and would benefit from some gentle cleaning and TLC.

A likely unique sword, and a fine addition for the Volunteer collector.

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