Royal Irish Rifles 1827 Pattern Officers Sword

Royal Irish Rifles 1827 Pattern Officers Sword

Code: 10171


A very good example made by Wilkinson Sword.

The number dates this blade to 1899 and it was purchased by C. Wallis of the Royal Irish Rifles.

Cursory research didn't reveal a "C.Wallis" but I did find a C.L.W. Wallace. who served with the Royal Irish Rifles from 1899. If this is the same fellow, and the Wilkinson record is in error, then he had an interesting career, and went on to command the 8th (Isle of Wight) Battalion Hampshire Regiment.

The sword itself is in very pleasing condition, all shagreen and hilt wire complete. The blade is mostly bright, with a small area of black pitting in the middle of the left hand side. 

The scabbard has an old break which has been repaired, although this is now coming apart and will need attention.

Worthy of further research.

Strictly over 18's only.