Royal Naval Officers Sword Claymore Blade

Royal Naval Officers Sword Claymore Blade

Code: 10083


An 1827 Pattern Naval Officer’s Sword incorporating a ‘claymore’ blade, which although non-regulation was fashionable with well heeled Royal Naval Officers in the 1870’s and1880’s. 

The blade etched with makers name "Galt, Gieve & Co Naval Outfitters Portsmouth". They operated with the "& Co" between 1859 and 1880 and ran the business from 111 High Street Portsmouth. From 1881 to 1886 they were plain Galt & Gieve at the same address.

Proof slug showing a Fleur de Lys which is a known marking for a Wilkinson trade blade of this period, and Gieves are known to have sought there better quality fighting blades from Messrs Wilkinson of Pall Mall.

Blade is etched with a Victorian Queens crown and royal arms and crowned fouled anchor.

Blade Length: 31 Inches 

Regulation gilt brass hilt with a particularly handsome lions head pommel. The white rayskin grip is all complete and in very good order, bound with brass twistwire.

The folding guard is present and functioning correctly, with no slackness.

Black leather scabbard with gilt brass mounts, the top with retaining pin to lock the sword into the scabbard when the folding guard is down. Two suspension rings. 

The blade with some dark staining and salt corrosion in places. Lots of original polish remaining. Generally a very nice example of this more uncommon variation, which has room for improvement.

Strictly over 18's Only