Scarce William IV Presentation Sword 85th Foot

Scarce William IV Presentation Sword 85th Foot

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A scarce William IV Infantry Officers Presentation Sword to the 85th Foot.

This fine example was retailed by "Tatham&Son, 37 Charing Cross, London"

The blade bears the inscription:

"This Sword Was Presented To A. Patterson By S.W. Blackall As A Mark Of Respect And Esteem For His Character And Conduct As Serjeant Major Of The 85th Regt"

Samuel Wensley Blackall (1809-1871) was an Irish soldier and politician, who served as the second Governor of Queensland from 1868 until he died in office in 1871.

A link to his entry on the Australian National Biography Website can be viewed HERE.

According to the above, "He joined the 85th Regiment in June 1827 but in 1833 he sold his commission as lieutenant and entered the Royal Longford Militia, where he became a major."

This offers a six year window of service with the 85th, which we can further narrow to between 1830-33 due to the sword bearing William IV Royal cypher. It therefore seems likely that this fine presentation gift was made on Blackhall leaving the 85th in 1833. Perhaps as a show of grattitude from an inexperienced young officer to a senior NCO who helped show him the workings of an Infantry Regiment.

The 1822 pattern Infantry officers guard with the Crowned Royal Cypher of William IV. The gothic bars are in good condition, and free from damage. Unusually, there is a light infantry bugle on incorporated as part of the design. This is the only example of its type I have ever seen.  The folding section is complete, and in perfect working order. The hilt retains its scarce black leather liner. The Shagreen grip is complete and in very good order, retaining all of its original twist wire binding.

The 32 inch pipe back blade with makers details at the ricasso. In addition to the etched panel, the sword is further etched with crossed lances, and the "85th Regt" as well as the strung bugle, and the crowned royal cypher of William IV. The blade has light staining in places, but in general retains most of its original bright finish, and the etching is remarkably clear. My photographs fail to do it justice.

No scabbard. I suspect it has been displayed on a wall, or in a case, given the condition, showing the inscription.

Pipeback presentation swords are few and far between, and examples such as this, with links to important Victorian figures, seldom appear on the open market.

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