Unusual 19thC Hanger With Kris Blade

Unusual 19thC Hanger With Kris Blade

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An unusual and very interesting Hanger fitted with an Indonesian Kris Blade.

I can't recall ever seeing a sword quite like this before. At first glance it resembles a late 18th century Hunting Hanger, with solid brass hilt and shell type guard, and D shaped knucklebow. However, the blade appears to have been taken from a large Indonesian Kris.

Whether it was made for a Dutch officer, or is a hybrid of Indonesian and European styles for some other purpose I'm afraid I couldn't tell you. The blade shows typical lamination lines, and is quite blunt along the "cutting" edge, but does have a very sharp point. 

The blade measures 18.5 inches, and 23 inches overall.

The overall condition is good, the blade and hilt are seated tightly with no movement. The blade is not quite straight and true, but in my experience most kris blades aren't! It has some light rust, and staining, and would benefit from a gentle clean.

No scabbard.

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