Wilkinson Patent Hilt Madras Native Infantry & Staff Corps

Wilkinson Patent Hilt Madras Native Infantry & Staff Corps

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A unique Wilkinson Patent Hilt Special Pattern sword to an officer of the Madras Staff Corps. The proof ledger page for this sword describes it as a "regulation infantry blade with Patent Tang, and the blade proportions of 32.5 by 1.1/8th inches, which was completed in September 1858.

The hilt of 1821 Light Cavalry Pattern, with three bar guard and chequered pommel. The grips appear to be chequered hardwood, rather than Gutta Percha. 

The single fullered blade length now measured just over 32 inches, and shows signs of service sharpening. It also carries areas of scattered rust and pitting. There is a banner with the name "A.D. Phelps"

Adrian Dawson Phelps was born on the 20th June 1842. He was appointed as a 2nd Lieutenant with the Indian Staff Corps on the 20th of October 1858. He was futher prmoted to Lieutenant on the 1st October 1861, and Captain 20th October 1870. During this time he served with the 43rd and 41st Madras Native Infantry.

Captain Albert Dawson Phelps to be promoted to Major serving with the Madras Staff Corps 20th of October 1878.

I can find reference to him as a Lieutenant Colonel in command of the 41st NI, but his career requires much more detailed research.

He died 29th May 1890 at Ealing

Housed in a unique and early leather covered wooded scabbard, with Indian style frog ring and brass drag.

A fascinating and likely unique sword, in completely as found condition, and requring a thorough clean, particuarly to the hilt.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.