Unit Marked Remington Model 1913 Bayonet

Unit Marked Remington Model 1913 Bayonet

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A good and rare unit marked Remington made American Model 1913 bayonet.

You don't see many unit marked examples of this bayonet. The pommel markings "301 N.S." The digits are crossed through with a single line.

This is the American made version for the British Enfield P14.

This bayonet is in very good untouched condition, It could do with a gentle clean. The blade is in particuarly good condition, with undamaged edge and point.

Marked with the model year "1913" at the ricasso, along with the makers stamp Remington.

Also marked US, with Broad arrow, and carries an X to denote that it has passed the bend test. Issue date of February 1916.

Housed in its original steel mounted leather scabbard.

Untouched condition, but should clean up very nicely.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.