Group of Six Royal Sussex And Indian Army

Group of Six Royal Sussex And Indian Army

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An impressive group of six medals awarded to Stanley William Gordon Geer who saw pre war Indian service with the regular army, before being transferred to the Indian Army Corps of Clerks, which I understand was a relatively small unit pre WW2. 

The group consists of aGV IGS correctly impressed "6391991 PTE S GEER. R.SUSS. R. a 39-45 Star, a Pacific Star, Defence and War medals, finished off with a GIV "India" clasp LSGC correctly impressed "SJT S W G GEER I.A.C.C. The medals appear unworn, and have been mounted to a card for display.

He rose to the giddy heights of "Controller" which I understand is roughly the equivalent of a WO.

It would appear he was a naughty boy and was trialled by court martial in the field in 1944 and busted back down to private. The reason for this is given as "KR section 18, paragraph IV".

Field General Courts Martial, Section 18 covers: "malingering"i.e. pretending to be ill or deliberately injuring yourself.

This was very common during WW1 & reared up again during WW2, although the first time I have encountered it in a career soldier! However, he was quickly promoted back to Sgt and when he was finally discharged in 1949 his conduct was given as "exemplary". 

A very interesting group, to a career soldier having served from 1920. Luckily the group came with giant folder of unredacted copy paperwork/research, showing that he served with the Lincolns, the Sussex, and the West Yorks before his transfer to the IACC, and finally ending up with the RASC. Further research into his Courts Martial may be possible through local papers, as Reporters had a habit of ‘running’ local service personnel to ground if the story was interesting.

I've only had time to skim the paperwork, as there is reams of it, so I've added photographs of the highlights. Plenty of research potential for the new owner to get thier teeth into.