A Large Quantity Of SEAC Newspaper 1944/45

A Large Quantity Of SEAC Newspaper 1944/45

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A large quantity of the SEAC daily newspaper.

Uncovered recently after more than 70 years stored in an old steel ammunition box. 

General condition is very good, some tears and chipped edges, but all ledgible/readable, and not falling to bits.

Here is a fair break down of what is included, but please bear in mind this may not be exhaustive. 

October 1944: Two issues of the 24th. 

November 1944: 26th missing.

December 1944: Two issues missing.

January 1945: Complete, two issues of the 31st, one damaged.

February 1945: Two copies of the 6th, and the 11th. the 12th torn. complete.

March 1945: 4th and 11th loose, complete.

April 1945: Issues 1-14, and 22-30th. Seven issues missing.

May 1945: 9th torn, 10 and 15 absent, 20 and 30 loose. 

June 1945: 2 copies of the 11th and two of the 24th. Complete.

July 1945: 11th loose, 2 copies of the 24th, 25th missing.

August 1945: 11th torn, 18th missing, 24th missing.

September 1945: 2nd loose, 10th loose, 25th and 30th loose. Complete.

October 1945: 3rd loose, 20th fragile, 1-24th present.

There is also a copy for the 13th June 1944, and a number of other papers included. 

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