Indian Paratrooper Knife

Indian Paratrooper Knife

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A very good, carried example of the Indian Paratrooper knife. This example has been thoroughly honed and sharpened during its service life. It is marked at the ricasso "M.I.L." There is plenty of speculation about which firm used this marking, which is also found on service kukri, dha, jack knives and bowies. The three most likely contenders are:

Mukand Iron & Steel Works, Lahore.

 M.I.L. Military industries, Lahore.

Metal Industries Ltd of Shoranur.

The grip has a small chip to the left hand scale, which comfortably fits the thumb of the bearer, so perhaps a modification. Hard to know if the metalwork was originally painted, I have seen both types over the years, but this one is bare, with no remaining signs to the crossguard. No movement, everything tight as it should be.

The scabbard also in good carried condition, and fitted with an indian 37' pattern frog. The bottom mount showing some copper bleeding. 

All in all a good honest example of this attractive and scarce fighting knife as carried by the paratroops of the 44th (Indian) Airborne Division.

Blade length 6.25 inches.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.