MI9 SOE Escape Tool

MI9 SOE Escape Tool

Code: 11104


Described as an "Escape Knife" in Ron Flook's excellent "British and Commonwealth Military Knives" this rare and desirable combination multi tool is ascribed as being devised by Major Clayton Hutton of MI9. It is now known that the basic design can be placed in the late Victorian era, and examples are known to have been made by Joseph Rodgers.

However, correct WW2 issue pieces carry no markings whatsoever, and this example is completely sterile, and carries elements of the correct blued finish. It is also fitted with three saw blades, which is a feature not found on the earlier, non military examples.

This example is as found condition, missing the handle of the wire cutter. Complete with all three saw blades, one cracked, and one with a point snapped off. The screwdriver is damaged, but the can opener, and a main blade are complete, and all springs function as they should. This has been sharpened, used, and carried but is still a rare thing. It would suit a collector who requires spare parts, or somebody on a budget who cannot afford £1000+ for a complete example.

A very scarce bit of clandestine spy kit, known to have been issued to both SOE, OSS and Commando units. 

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.