Scarce Wooden Hilted Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife

Scarce Wooden Hilted Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife

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A scarce wooden hilted Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife, circa 1943.

One of only two I've ever owned, the other being directly attributable to an RAF Pilot serving in the Far East during WW2. I've encountered less than five overall, and for some reason these are not mentioned in any of serious Commando Knife publications. These are knives are produced to a very high standard and finish, and I suspect that they had a short production run, before the more common, cheaper to produce examples replaced them.

This example with a beautifully turned hardwood grip, secured in the pommel by a recessed nut.

No movement between blade and grip, nor at the blued crossguard. These knives have a slightly"chunkier" grip than the cheaper examples which replaced them, and are very comfortable to handle.

The hand ground blade measuring almost 6.75 inches in length. Lots of original blued finish remaining, and a visible sharpening line to either cutting edge.

Housed in its original leather scabbard with blued brass chape. It retains its tabs, and its elastic. Like the rest of the knife, it comes in good, untouched condition, and has been well stored over the years.

The rarest of the wooden hilt variations, and one for RAF and Far East collectors.

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