Victorian Gamblers/Prostitutes Dagger

Victorian Gamblers/Prostitutes Dagger

Code: 10755


A rather fine example of a mid 19thC "Prostitutes" or gamblers dagger. This compact yet lethal blade was designed to be easily concealed, and used for self defence. This example is hilted in ivory, which has been ribbed for added grip, and with a half moon pommel, wo it could be slipped between fingers when thrusting.

The grip has a small crack on one side, and the beginnings of another on the other, but is holding firm with no movement. Steel cross guard, with nickel silver ferule, and housed in a lovely, and almost always missing nickel silver scabbard with single suspension loop.

Cruxiform blade measuring 3.5 inches.

7.5 inches overall when sheathed.

Strictly over 18's only.

Due to the nature of the grip material, not for sale outside of the EU.