Wooden Hilted FS Knife

Wooden Hilted FS Knife

Code: 10707


A WW2 Far East Issue Wooden Hilted Commando Knife.

This example in used but good condition. The grip has split, but has been period repaired, and is holding firm, with no movement at the crossguard. It is one of the "chunkier" grips I have encountered with this variation of knife, and is very comfortable to handle.

The crossguard is of thick steel, rather than the flimsier post war examples.

The blade has been service sharpened and is very sharp indeed. Blade bright with no rust or pitting.

The pommel nut is more like those found on traditional FS knives, rather than the recessed nut often found on this variant.

Housed in a typical leather scabbard.

Blade length 6.75 inches.

A well used knife, but a very respectable example.

Strictly over 18's only.