WW2 RAF Folding Knife

WW2 RAF Folding Knife

Code: 11009


A scarce example of the RAF folding knife, as issued with the Beadon, or lightweight flying suit.

It has the RAF Stores code 22P/11. It measures 4.75 inches when closed. 4 inch main blade, and 3.75 inch square spike. Blued finish all over, with light corrosion to the outer case. Strong springs and lock up. Completely unmarked.

I have heard various stories of these being included in Red Cross Parcels to POW's, and dropped to the Resistance. There is a not unconvincing argument that the blunt edged spike blade is well suited for making timer shaped holes in PE charges.

Either way, this is a hard to find example of a simple, yet effective folding knife. 

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