1915 Dated Enfield Kukri

1915 Dated Enfield Kukri

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A recently found example of this most hard to find Great War pattern kukri.

They are known amongst collectors as the Enfield kukri, due to the Enfield inspection marks found at the ricasso, similar to those found on bayonets and swords of the same period, although it seems more likely that the whole production run was contracted to commercial firms, and then inspected at Enfield.

All the known specimens carry date markings from either 1915 or 1916, which indicates a short production run. They are very well made pieces, light and agile fighting kukri, produced with rat tail tangs, with blade lengths of between 12 and thirteen inches. The hilts are all made of Birch. Known examples weigh between 15 and 17 ounces.

My theory is that both the kukri and the scabbards were designed to serve as replacements for lost kit, as resupply from the UK to France would be much quicker than from India. It is likely that such an order was only ever considered as a short term measure, and never intended to be a permanent supply solution, which would explain their relative scarcity.

This example is dated 1915 and is complete with a British made leather scabbard. This type of scabbard is more often seen with the scarce AS&Sons produced kukri, which was also made in 1915 only.

Interestingly, "Enfield" kukri frequently turn up in English made scabbards, usually made by the Birmingham manufacturer A. Cooper, who is best known for manufacturing leather bayonet scabbards. These scabbards appear to be designed to accommodate all current kukri patterns, and I have seen MK I and MK II kukri turn up in these scabbards, along with Enfield examples. The interior of these scabbards feature riveted spring clips to hold the various sizes of kukri in place.

The kukri comes in good overall condition. The blade is bright with areas of staining, and the Enfield marking is clear. The wooden grip has some small areas of loss/repair and an old split. It has an iron pommel plate with diamond keeper.

A very rare opportunity to buy one of these scarce Great War Kukri.

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