A Fine British Officers Kothimora Kukri

A Fine British Officers Kothimora Kukri

Code: 10689


A fine and scarce late 19th century Kothimora kukri, likely presented to a serving British officer serving with one of the Gurkha Rifle Regiments.

The scabbard bearing fine silver work, showing a stylised British Royal coat of arms. It is complete with the often absent sangli medal and chain, this in the form of a crescent moon, below a "sun" which appears to be made of gold (untested). The sun and moon are both Nepaelse symbols.

The scabbard houses a fine chakmak and karda, the hilt of which is stag horn. There is also the traditional khissa pouch, which is also present and correct.

The sirupate style kukri blade is in excellent condition, covered in old grease, and showing a lot of original polish below the grime.

Blade length 13.75 inches. 17 inches overall.

A very fine, and rare kukri.

Strictly over 18's only.