A Unique Silver Mounted Kukri

A Unique Silver Mounted Kukri

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A unique early 20thC silver mounted presentation kukri.

Purchased recently along with a large collection of  arms, this large kukri has a distinctive horn grip, and crossguard combination, which give it the appearance of a bowie knife.

This kukri was reputedly given as a gift by an Indian Prince, at the end of the First World War. The kukri is accompanied by a signed photograph of a gentleman in traditional Indian dress, wearing a tulwar, a Delhi Durbar medal, and the neck badge of The Order of the Star of India. The presence of such awards would lend weight to the assumption that the subject was a man of some standing. The signature and date are not easy to read, but with some diligent research it ought to be possible to determine this persons identity.

The kukri itself has a 14.75 inch blade, with triple spine fullers and a distinctive kaudi. I would say that this blade is of traditional Nepalese manufacture, and is quite possibly much older than the hilt. It shows signs of being laminated, and is,  I suspect,  a treasure in its own right. 

The grip appears to be of stag horn, and is capped witha floral decorated silver pommel. The silver crossguard is similarly decorated, and is attached to a traditional silver bolster. There is some movement between the bolster/crossguard combination and the grip. The whole ensemble fits a western hand perfectly, and would have made a lethal and intimidating weapon.

The leather covered wooden scabbard is extremely well made, and designed to be worn in a sash. it is adorned with silver kothimora mounts, which match the cross guard and pommel cap decoration. It has no holes or splits, with only minor loss to the leather. 

All in all this is a handsome, historical, and likely unique example, for the specialist collector. 

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.