Antique Metal Handled Kukri.

Antique Metal Handled Kukri.

Code: 11595


A large and impressive antique metal handled kukri. Likely dating to the last quarter of the 19th century.

This example with a curved 13.25 inch blade with kaudi and twin spine fullers. The blade is covered in old grease and light rust. To the centre of the blade, behind the fullers on the left hand side is a twin eyelash marking. The blade shows signs of lamination. General condition is good, and untouched, and should clean up very well.

The blade maintains a keen cutting edge, with old signs of sharpening. The point is missing its very tip.

The grip appears to be made of bronze or brass, and is heavily patinated to a rich dark brown colour. It is in very good condition, with no movement between blade and hilt.  It has been heavily embossed and attractively decorated, with central grip ring and flared butt. 

17.25 inches overall.

Housed in its original leather scabbard. This is of leather covered wood construction, which is now rather dry and tired, with small areas of loss. It has an old tape repair close to the scabbard mouth. It would benefit from some care and attention. It does retain its original khissa pouch, which is a bonus.

A scarce late 19th century metal hilted kukri, in lovely untouched condition, which will be a joy to clean and improve.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.