Box Kothimora Kukri

Box Kothimora Kukri

Code: 10853


Certainly the most visually stunning Box Kothimora I have had the pleasure to own.

The kukri is hilted in ivory, with a silver bolster. The pommel is carved as a flower. The chakmak and karda are identically mounted, the chakmak with a chequered dome, and the karda with more stylised flowers. The blade has also been decorated along the spine, and is unfullered. It benefits from having been stored with a layer of grease, which still remains and has protected the blade well. All the hilts have hairline cracks.

Blade measuring 11inches, 14.5 inches overall.

The beautifully Newari carved scabbard is carved with flora and fauna, and has been mounted with silver. The top panel is carved with a grotesque beasts head. To the rear is provision for the chakmak and karda, also wrapped in silver.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.

Due to the nature of the grip material, not for sale outside of the EU.