MK 1 Kukri

MK 1 Kukri

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A recently found example of this most hard to find Great War pattern kukri.

"F.W." marking to the spine, denoting production at Fort William. 

13.5 inch blade, 18.5 inches overall.

The blade is in good polish, but has some areas of staining, and signs of being service sharpened.  The kaudi is particuarly well formed, a variation of the stupa design which may indicate pre war production. The very tip of the point has been broken and reprofiled in service.

The wooden grip of "Fat handle" type, again denoting earlier production. Some old chips, and signs of splitting, but the grip is rock solid, with no movement.. The grip retained by the correct sunken/hidden nut. The pommel has been profiled to have a domed appearance, a refinement which I don't recall seeing before. There is also an interesting stamped "41" marking, which may be a rack number.

Production of this type of kukri ceased in 1915, in favour of the MK II.

Housed in the correct scabbard, this example being constructed of brown leather over wood, with brass chape. There is a small hole in the scabbard near the brass chape, with some other minor dents, scrapes and losses. The best part about this example is that it is fitted with the very rare second type leather frog, which was introduced in 1914, and is near impossible to find.

A very pleasing and complete example, which would be very difficult to better.

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