Personalised WW2 Kukri

Personalised WW2 Kukri

Code: 11729


A large private purchase kukri.

Hardwood grips with central grip ring with a decorated panel below. The bolster has also been decorated with an interesting chequered/basketweave design, which is a first in my experience. The grip has a split, but is solid, with no movement. The pommel cap is of steel, with a small brass "starburst" keeper.

An impressive plain 14 inch blade of sirupate form, with triple spine fullers. Signs of sharpening and service use, but generally clean and bright. 18.5 inches overall.

The handmade leather frog has been decorated with ink inscriptions of the places the serviceman had been stationed. These are "Africa, Ceylon, India, Burma, and Assam". Next to this there also seems to be a roundel or target, which resembles the RAF Roundel, so possibly a Pilot or Aircrew carried piece?

The scabbard itself of wood covered in black leather, with lined decoration, and provision for chakmak and karda. Accompanied by a large, and smaller karda.

Good overall condition, some light rust, which would be best removed.

A really interesting private purchase piece, with a lot of history.

Strictly over 18's only. Photo ID will be required before this item can be dispatched.