Relic Great War Kukri

Relic Great War Kukri

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I am not a great fan of relics usually, but a friend found this for me, knowing of my interest in kukri and all things Gurkha. It was bought from a private museum near Neuve Chappelle in the late 1990's, and is likely from the fierce fighting in that sector during 1915.

It has all the hallmarks of a Pre war battalion issue kukri, 13 inch blade (17 inches overall) hardwood grip with banding and central ring, steel bolster and pommel cap with exposed square keeper/nut. 

Shrinkage and a section missing from the grip, exposing the tang, and offering an insight into the construction. There is a bronze stud to one side of the grip. No movement, and all solid. Heavy corrosion to the blade, one side worse than the other. 

A fascinating and evocative piece, which is worth of conservation and display.

There are certain individuals who claim expert knowledge of Great War battalion issue kukri, who like to spout nonsense and claim superiority without necessarily putting in the required research and dedication to such study. This piece adds an important piece to this puzzle, as we can prove it was there.

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